Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall is arriving!

As summer is coming to an end, fall is right around the corner. I absolutely love this time of the year. The weather is perfect, especially in Florida-- not too hot & not too cold! Although, the summer months use to be the most popular weddings months, a lot of brides are now getting married later in the year. October is now the busiest month for weddings. Jenna & I are trying to catch some sleep now because in October we definitely won't be doing much of that!!

Fall weddings have a really romantic feel. We like to use lots of deep colors, antique styles and lots & lots of candles. One of our favorite colors we like to incorporate in our fall weddings is burnt orange. It is a great accent color that is romantic, & classy but also keeps the fun aspect alive.

Another popular trend during these months are to use gourds as a decor piece, especially in centerpieces. Gourds come in many different shades and sizes. There are so many different ways that they can be used to help represented the autumn theme many brides are looking for.

Don't be afraid to use lots of color this season. Incorporating different hues of orange, deep reds, greens and brown will really illuminate your wedding day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm on the Radio

Monday, August 25th I'm going to be featured on WELE 1380's Perfect Wedding Guide talk show. Unfortunately, Jen won't be able to make it since she has meetings all morning so I guess I will have to handle it all by my lonesome. Jen, from PWG, and I will still have a wonderful time on the "Jen Show (as we so fondly call it)."

I will be discussing wedding trends, reasons why everyone should hire a wedding planner, and so much more. Listen in at 11:05am to WELE1380 AM if you live in the Volusia County area or on http://www.wele1380.com.

Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Go Away Fay!

Tropical storm Fay has been lingering around for days, it seems as though she really likes the Daytona Beach area. It's time for her to move on, we are tired of the rain! We are just glad that we do not have any outside weddings this weekend. We hope that everyone is staying as safe & as dry as possible. If anyone needs any assistance, please let us know. Have a blessed day :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Raining..It's Pouring...

We were having such a blast at PWG's Reception the other night that we just didn't want to leave when it was all over. Luckily for us it started to pour cats and dogs. We waited out the rain with some of our favorite vendors. While David Dunlop from David Dunlop Photography and I discussed our favorite topic--GATOR FOOTBALL-- Jen, Ronnie from Ronnie's Candy Kitchen, Yvette Ruiz from PC Party Girl, and Angela from Petals had a blast talking about everything under the sun. Thanks guys for staying dry with us, we have to all get together real soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PWG Bridal Show

This past weekend we had a booth at the Perfect Wedding Guide's bridal show. We had a wonderful time. It was so nice meeting all you brides and talking about your wedding day plans.
Jen and I posing in front of our beautiful booth.

celebrate! with Ashlee from Simply Roses Florist. She does such amazing work. Check out her new website at srenchantment.com.

Our event design consisted of deep hues of reds and golds. Don't you just love the elegance of it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rebecca and Andrew

Rebecca and Andrew are the beautiful couple from Texas that we told you about a few weeks ago. They finally had a free moment from the hectic schedules to send over a picture of them and they look absolutely great so I of course had to show it to all of you.

Their wedding style is simple, elegant, and romantic. Their reception will be held at The White Room in St. Augustine, Florida in April 2010.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

An angel has arrived!

Congratulations to our dear friend Ashlee from Simply Roses Florist. Ashlee gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this past Saturday evening. Evynn Calli Nolan is absolutely perfect. Her doctor said that she is the most beautiful baby he has delivered in a very long time. All we can say is, what did he expect...look at her momma! We are soo excited to welcome this little angel into our world. Congrats to Ashlee & all of her family members! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shelley and Dale

I am so excited to share the pictures of Shelley's and Dale's simply elegant wedding. This wedding was absolutely breathtaking. The most exciting part of the evening is when Shelley and Dale "TOOK THE PLUNGE." This is one of the most amazing weddings we ever have done and the couple and their family are just wonderful! We wish them all many blessings and much love. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beautiful Thank You

I just received this beautiful thank you note from one of our beautiful brides and I just had to share it:

Jenna and Jen,
I am so grateful for all of the hardwork that you put into making my wedding a dream come true. I was able to be part of my own wedding plans but you were there to make sure that it all went smoothly. You were always so upbeat and pleasant and I looked forward to meeting with you guys everyday. You thought about things that I would have overlooked and I would have been upset to miss on the wedding day. No problem was ever as big as I thought it was, but you always took how I was feeling into consideration. You definitely know how to make a bride feel better in times of chaos. You were both always there to hug me when I had breakdowns and to get excited with me about all of the fun little details. From now on, everytime someone tells me they are getting married I tell them about you. My husband and I appreciate all of the hard work you both did at the reception. You really did go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much.

Mr. and Mrs Brugone

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shanna and Grant

Wow, have we been in a whirlwind around here. No sooner did we pull off our only 2 weeks worth of planning for Shelley's wedding this past weekend did we get an exciting new adventure come knocking at our door.

Shanna and Grant are planning on having a beautiful, classy, simply elegant wedding this weekend in Daytona Beach. They, along with Shanna's mom, have planned the wedding of her dreams. The only piece of the puzzle that was missing was someone to execute everything this weekend. Yes, I said, "this weekend." Well luckily, we are the miracle wedding angels and cannot wait to make all of Shanna's wedding wishes come true.

Their color scheme is below. Don't you just love the romantic blue, white, and shades of gold!