Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tips for giving a wedding toast

It's that nerve breaking moment, you have just received 'the tap' on your shoulder to stand up in front of every guest attending the wedding and all eyes are on you. Don't freak! Remember to breathe, smile and speak from your heart when giving your wedding day toast. With all of these ingredients included, your toast will be great and you'll either have everyone rolling around on the floor or searching for just one more tissue to wipe their tears away.

Here are a few helpful tips when giving a wedding day toast:

1. Start by introducing yourself and your relationship to the couple. This will help malke your toast more personal to the guests.
2. Speak in a normal voice and use humor (in good taste) to put yourself and the audience at ease.
3. Reminisce a positive story about the bride or groom.
4. Kepp the toast short and sweet (3-5 minutes). This will help keep the audiences attention.
5. Occasionally glance at the audience but the main focus throughout your toast should be kept on the bride and groom.
6. Practice your toast in front of a mirror and in front of someone else prior to the day.
7. End by asking the guests to join in you rainsing their glasses toward the couple, concluding with the couples name. This will ensure everyone will be toasting to the new couple.

Most importantly...enjoy and have fun!