Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dear Jen and Jenna,

The wedding was perfect! It was everything I could have possibly imagined it to have been and then some, and I know that would not have been the least bit possible without you both!!!! And I must say, you ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT were worth EVERYTHING and then some.
The flowers, were gorgeous! You know I am not good at imagining what I wanted, and somehow the wedding turned out to be exactly what I wanted, and I never even told you. You made everything I imagined into a reality---and THANK you for that. You girls took care of everything and really made my day a day I did not have to worry about anything except looking nice and enjoy getting married! Instead of worrying about the details, I was able to enjoy the details!

I think Heath said it best to me, when we left the next day and that was “Jen and Jenna did such an incredible job. I can't believe how easy everything was and not having to do anything was wonderful, I got to watch the game and hangout with the boys!”

I wish there was some other way I could tell you how important you both were to me on that day and how truly thankful I am that you were there to be apart of it. Your business is amazing and you could NOT be doing any better of a job at it!!!!!

I love you both!!!!!! and *THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
-- Serena Khorsandian

Photos by: Jennifer Cody from