Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Honeymoon-Jamaica

According to Jamaica "puts the fun in the honeymoon." This tropical paradise has every possible activity to offer from horseback riding to reggae dancing. I have always wanted to visit Jamaica because I like most people am fascinated with their "no worries" lifestyle.

The best place to stay when you visit Jamaica is Montego Bay. And here are some of the top things to do:
1. Appleton Express Tour--The Appleton Plantation is where they make Appleton rums. I have read about it numerous times and think it is amazing how each bottle is tasted and marked qualified before they will ship it off to sell it. On this tour you will get to view not only the distillery but also the caves. It is romantic, adventurous, and educational.
2. The Houseboat Grill--If you are looking to have dinner somewhere unique and different, this is where you need to eat. The Houseboat Grill is a big houseboat floating on the water that offers the perfect newlywed sunset view. The menu is constantly evolving and features an international cuisine.
3. Rainforest Rafting--If you are looking to do something adventurous you need to go rafting through the rainforest on the Caliche River. What a fun way to spend the afternoon!