Saturday, November 22, 2008


The #1 question I hear brides ask is "what do wedding planners really do?" Well of course my typical answer includes how we help save them time, money, and stress. We help find the most perfect vendors, conceptualize beautiful tablescapes and room ambiances, do the budgeting, help with proper etiquette, create customized menus, etc.

I realized the other day that although my answer tells all you brides what I do overall, it doesn't demonstrate to you all things that could happen the day of your wedding that I deal with that you will never know about.

So, I thought it may be fun to tell you after each wedding the little things I did to make it a flawless event.

Here's my first exciting adventure to tell you about:

1. The bride forgot to include a vase for her son to pour the sand in their sand ceremony. We luckily always carry extras of certain things with us, like a small vase. I set it out with her other vases and put her son's sand it in before the ceremony began.
2. The linen company forgot pins to tack up the linens at the reception. We quickly fixed the problem by pulling out a box of pins from my wedding bag.
3. The cake got a hole in the side from either a guest trying to get a quick taste or who knows what. We noticed the hole, grabbed a butter knife, grabbed some icing from the back where no one could see, and patched the hole right up. No one noticed and the bride and groom had a picture perfect cake.
4. One of the bridesmaids had a terrible headache. The Advil in my wedding bag stopped her head from throbbing before anyone could say "I do."
5. The bride was suppose to supply the cups for the bar. However, she got so caught up in all the wedding bliss that the bar still needed to be stocked. Jen rescued the night by running to the store and buying cups before any of the guests arrived at the reception hall.
6. During the "cutting of the cake" the photographer ran out of room on her disk. I ran to her bag and grabbed an empty disk; she never had to miss a shot.

Of course, there were about a million more things that we tackled head first that day but it would take me all day to tell you about it. Hope this gives you a little insight.