Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome Kendall and Trevor

Welcome Kendall and Trevor to the celebrate! family. We are so very excited to help you plan your dream wedding.

worked at the same company and Kendall actually was Trevor's assistant in the beginning
first official date on Feb. 15 2005
bought their first house in June 2008
HUGE sports buffs
Trevor is a Gator and Kendall is a Seminole
love to travel and to eat out at fun restaurants
big wine lovers

THE PROPOSAL (according to Kendall):
I was on my way home from work on a Tuesday evening and Trevor called to say hi and see where I was. I told I would be home in 15 min or so. He said ok, cool and that he would just see me at home and that he was just leaving the office.....which is a 20-25 min drive for him.

So, I'm coming down the main road in the neighborhood and I see someone run across the road in front of my car and I realize that it's Trevor. I remember thinking to myself, "what's he doing? Didn't he just say he was leaving the office"? Needless to say, I was very confused. I rolled down the window and asked him what he was doing and he started up about how he hates his car and how he had to take it to Firestone up the street on his way home and that was why he was walking. He seemed pretty pissed so I didn't ask any questions, I just drove home. We pulled in the driveway and he went to go and get the mail and then we walked up to the front door. I could see something through the glass in the door but couldn't tell what it was.

He opened the door and there were a bunch of lit tea lights shaped in the number 17 (it is my favorite number and it was actually February 17th) There was a bouquet of tulips (fav flower) and a bottle of champagne on the coffee table as well. I knew then what was going on! I started laughing/crying and then he got down on one knee and proposed. I of course said YES and then he tried to put the ring on the wrong hand.....too classic and so HIM!!

Afterwards I found out that I had blown his surprise. He didn't actually have car issues but that he had moved his car down the street so that when I got home, I would think that no one was there. I would then open the door to all of the candles and he would be there down on one knee. However, I came home a different way that night and at the split second he was crossing the road, my car comes right at him....completely blowing his plan. Poor thing...but makes for a cute story though!!

All About Bridesmaids

Make both you & your bridal party happy by following these tips while selecting your bridesmaids.

1. Consider friends with whom you're in touch with regularly, who live close by, and who are team players.

2. Aim for having 6 bridesmaids or less

3. Try to choose your bridesmaids within the first 3 to 6 months and ask everyone at about the same time so no one feels last.

4. Ask each bridesmaid individually and do it with style- maybe give her a "bridesmaid" tank top or an accessory that matches your wedding colors.

5. Be upfront with close friends who were not invited to be bridesmaids. Saying "As a couple, we've decided on a more intimate bridal party" will work.

6. Confront any problems that arise as soon as possible.

7. Say thank you! Treat your bridesmaids to a festive brunch & give each person a thoughtful gift.