Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Some of my closest friends and colleagues have always told us that we need to get testimonials from people who wish they would have hired a wedding planner after their big day to show everyone that wedding planners are a necessity. Although, I always thought this would be good for brides and grooms to see I thought it was a little controversial.

However, since I received this certain "I WISH I DID" testimonial about Jen and I, I just couldn't resist sharing it along with another from one of our magazines.

"The day was beautiful and memorable but things certainly were hectic. I wish I could have taken advantage of your advice in using "The Jens" from celebrate! as wedding planners. I would have been able to enjoy the day more if I had help a little extra help with details."
-S. Marshall

"I definitely would have hired a day-of-wedding planner to handle all the last-minute details. Instead, my poor mom had to run around doing things like adding charger plates to the table setting and putting more flowers on the huppah. She never sat down!"
-L. W

Unique Reception Venues

As a wedding planner I am always trying to think out of the box on where my clients can host their wedding reception. I thought it would be fun to explore some unusual locations that could be transformed into a dazzling wedding reception.

1. Airplane Hanger: This location is basically a blank canvas for wedding dreams to be transformed. Airplane hangers have a fabulous open feel and are big enough to accommodate the biggest guest list.

2. Your Favorite Restaurant: Choose a restaurant that is open and has meaningful to you. They already have your tables and chairs there so all you need is position the room to say "wedding" instead of restaurant.

3. An Open Field: Just imagine the possibilities of a large open area. Add a tent, some rentals, fabulous lighting and you have a one of a kind space that says "YOU."

4. Art Gallery: This location already has great decorations setup for you (the ART). Most art galleries are open and can be filled nicely with rentals to create a unique reception your guests and you will remember for years to come.

BRIDAL PARTY: How to Choose

One of the issue that always seems to come up for brides and grooms during the wedding planning process, is how to choose the right friends and family to be in the your bridal party. Here are some basic guidelines on how to pick the perfect group to be your BRIDAL PARTY:

1. Think about the top 3-5 closest family/friends to you that have made a positive impact on your life
2. Is each person responsible? (following a time schedule, bringing certain items with them)
3. Does this person get along with others well?
4. Do they have the financial means to pay for certain items, such as their bridesmaid's dress?
Photo by: Mary Beth Tyson