Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preservation Week: Preserving Your Bouquet

Did you just absolutely love your wedding bouquet? Do you wish you could cherish it forever?? The great news is that you can. There are many methods on how to preserve your wedding bouquet. You can take it to a professional and have them either freeze-dry or press them or your can preserve it at home by using sand, silica gel, or borax. Read below for some helpful tips.

1. Make sure to start the preservation process within 1-4 days days after your wedding
2. If you want your bouquet to look as realistic as possible have a professional freeze-dry it. The bouquet will be taken apart, freeze-dried, and then the flowers will be put back in place. This entire process can take a few weeks.
3. If you want your bouquet pressed and framed make sure to bring it to a professional. The bouquet will be separated, pressed down, and rearranged in a frame to make a keepsake for you.
4. If you choose to preserve your bouquet at home by yourself use a sand, silica gel, or borax. Read tips online at great wedding websites like under DIY sections.

Great vendors that can preserve your wedding flowers: