Friday, October 24, 2008

C is for Cinemedia


Cinemedia is one of the best videography companies around. Steve Graham, the owner of Cinemedia, strives for perfection in every single wedding video he shoots. His work is over the top amazing. The above video is from a wedding Steve and I did together in May and you can see why I suggest him to all of my brides.

I got a chance to sit down and talk to Steve about pretty much everything. Here are some of the questions I asked so all of you can get to know him a little better:

1. What made you start Cinemedia? "After working in the production industry for many years I decided I wanted to focus my efforts on event videography. I started Cinemedia in 2003 so that I could spend my time doing what I enjoy most."

2. What is your favorite part of weddings and events? "I've always been a creative person and event videography gives me a tremendous amount of latitude within which to be creative. Also, I like the idea that I'm capturing some of the most important moments in people's lives and delivering a product of timeless significance. Lastly, the celebratory atmosphere of a wedding is just plain fun to be around."

3. What's one of your hobbies? "I'm a songwriter in my spare time. I've got a studio with a ridiculous amount of equipment that I enjoy immersing myself in. I sing, play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards and thanks to the marvel of multitrack recording I don't have to play them all at the same time!"

4. What sets your business apart from all others? "I think the personal attention and importance placed on each and every project helps set Cinemedia apart. I'm a perfectionist by nature and as such I work very hard to ensure that every video I produce meets my high standards. We also offer some services that others do not like the increasingly popular live internet broadcast."

5. What is one of your childhood dreams? "My childhood dream was to be a professional soccer player. I played on my high school team anyhow :) These days I'm happy to get out and kick around with my kids."

6. Do you film just weddings? "I also film Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinces, and corporate events. Weddings account for the large majority of my work though and I hope to keep it that way. They are simply the most fun and rewarding."

You can contact Steve at: Cinemedia, 407-936-0312,