Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congratulations to Samantha and Matt

One of our past brides and grooms, Samantha and Matthew, have just had their first child. We are so excited for them and this wonderful new adventure they are about to have. The family is doing fabulous and we couldn't be happier!!!! Here is a picture of the beautiful family.

Preservation Week: Preserving Your Wedding Cake

So you just couldn't get enough of your wedding cake on your wedding day and now it is your one year anniversary, the anticipation of pulling your wedding cake out of the freezer to have a tantalizing slice is just about to drive you insane. You pull it out of the freezer and it looks a little strange but you figure "oh what the heck, I bet it is still so delicious"....that is until your husband and you actually take a bite and realize it's FREEZER BURNT.

Today is all about how to keep your wedding cake as well preserved as possible up until your one year anniversary. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Remove all adornments such as flowers, sugar pieces, cake toppers, etc.

2. Make sure to chill your cake first in the refrigerator. This way the icing hardens and it will not stick to the plastic wrap when you begin wrapping it.

3. Wrap the cake in plastic wrap NOT FOIL. The aluminum foil is what causes the awful freezer-burn.

4. Place the wrapper cake in a freezer safe airtight bag and then place it in your freezer.

A great tip too is just to order a replica wedding cake on your anniversary to ensure the freshness. Many bakeries are now offering this services along with your wedding cake so that you can relive every experience on your wedding. Talk with your cake baker today about this possibility, most will give you a voucher to bring in.

Here are some great cake professionals I love: