Monday, November 17, 2008

Vendors from A to Z: E is for Egomedia Photography

A few weeks ago I got a moment to talk to one of the most cutting edge photojournalist I know--Jennifer Cody from Egomedia Photography. Jen photographed one of our beautiful October weddings and we were absolutely amazed by not only her incredible photos but also her professionalism and attention to detail.Here is a little more insight to Egomedia Photography:
1. When & why did you begin egomedia photography?
We started egomedia photography officially in 2004. Sam had a background in film and was doing some commercial photography work for network television. I was working full time for the International Monetary Fund but found that photography was becoming an increasingly important part of my life. We made the final decision to begin photographing weddings professionally after having a very negative experience with our own wedding photographer. We were shocked by the lack of professionalism we encountered in the industry and resolved that we could do far better. And we believe we have!

2. What types of events do you photograph & which are your favorite?
We photograph weddings almost exclusively, making occasional exceptions for previous clients with other photography needs. Weddings are certainly our favorite.

3. Where is your favorite wedding site to shoot?
I certainly have several favorites - the Casa Monica Hotel, Meridian House, the Ronald Reagan building - but it's important to note that although location is important, every wedding has its own personality and that's what ultimately influences the images we provide to our clients.

4. What makes your photography skills & company stand out from other photographers & their work?
We are wedding photojournalists and it is our goal to capture stunning images from our clients' weddings and present them as part of a full body of work which will become a part of each couple's family's legacy. Everything we do is done to accomplish that goal. We are a full time professional studio and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and attention to our clients. We process each image by hand in our studio before delivering them to our clients and all of our album designs are done by hand in-house.

5. Tell us something funny that has happened while photographing a bride or groom:
LOL well there are some stories that are less than appropriate but I'll share one amusing anecdote. We were photographing the first dance at an outdoor wedding when we noticed that the wedding cake was covered with ants! We discreetly let the catering manager know and they took it from there :)

6. What is the most gratifying thing about your job?
I think what is most gratifying is the knowledge that for the rest of their lives our clients will have beautiful images of their wedding to show future generations of their family. Long after the day is over and they've forgotten many of the details they will be able to relive the day through the beauty of those photographs - as a couple and as a family.
To get Jennifer or one of her other photographers to shoot your special event, contact her at:
Egomedia Photography
tel: 410.353.0631/703.431.0037