Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grouper Tournament Win

So as you all know Andy and I love fishing. Every Sunday we try to take the boat out off the west coast and try to see who can catch the most fish. Well while I was working at a wedding, Andy entered a fishing contest and won Biggest Grouper on the First Day of the Tournament. I am so PROUD (and still a little upset I wasn't there). Here's a picture of my little winner:

Wedding Cake Trends

A new trend is to break away from the traditional 3-tiered wedding cake and to create something with a little more edge. Here are some of my favorites:

Samantha and Matthew

I am so excited that Samantha and Matthew's wedding photos are finally up. The couple looks stunning and the pictures are breathtaking! Thanks to Greg from Greg's Gallery for capturing Samantha and Matt's most memorable day.
Here are a few of my favorite images, check out the rest under the Featured Couples section of our website:

Photos by: Greg's Gallery

Florals by: Marguerite's Florist

Wedding Planning by: celebrate!

Wedding Guest List

While planning your wedding, one aspect that may be difficult is deciding who and how many people to have on your wedding guest list. Whether you'd like to have a big wedding or a small one, here are a few tips to try and help you keep your guest list narrowed down to the numbers that you'd prefer.

  1. Start with percentages: assign 50 percent of the guest list to the bride and groom, and then 25 percent to each set of parents.
  2. Give parents their number early: before your parents start inviting friends & family members, create specific guidelines for them to follow.
  3. Create tiers: place each guest into a relationship category with family members in the top tier, close friends in the second, and colleagues and other friends in the third. After creating this list, start cutting back from the bottom of the list up.
  4. Do the one-year test: ask yourself if you've seen or spoken to this person within the last year. 
  5. Selectively offer invites with guests: try to only give "plus guest" on the invitation only if you have socialized with the couple.
  6. Consider having a small wedding: consider having a wedding with only family members and close friends, and then having a cocktail party after the honeymoon with all of your friends and colleagues.