Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun Wedding Favors!

Ohh lala!! I just discovered a new wedding favor that is fun, unique & taste great! Sweet Treats is a bakery that specializes in wedding cakes & gourmet cookies. The ower, Jennifer Yeomans-Christy, brought in some of her adorablely delcious wedding favors for Jenna & I to try. Not only do her cookies taste amazing, they are an inexpensive favor that can be customized for each bride. I absolutely love the idea. Jennifer designs, bakes and individually packages each cookie.

Here are a few examples of the different designs:
Wedding Dresses

Wedding Cakes

Final Product!

Samantha's Graduation Party

This past weekend Jen and I planned a wonderful Gator themed graduation party for Sam. The party was dressed in orange and blue with gator heads all around. The celebration was a success and Sam had a wonderful time.

We wish Sam many blessings as she heads off the University of Florida. GO GATORS!

New Wedding Photo Trends

Want to get creative with your wedding photos? Here are some new trends you might like to try.

1. Be the favors- have your photo imprinted on cookies and leave one at each place setting.

2. Head to the city- engagement cityscape shoots are becoming more & more popular. Use your favorite photo in your save-the-dates or display it near the escort cards.

3. Ditch the formality- ask your photographer to get candids of you & your bridal party. 

4. Rent a photo booth- have guests tape the silly shots next to their messages in the guest book.

5. Book 'em- skip the traditional photo album and create a coffee table book with your wedding photos.

Tip: when archiving your photos and negatives, choose acid-free boxes, negative-sleeves, and binders. This will keep your special photos from yellowing or deteriorating.