Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preservation Week: Preserving Wedding Gowns

So you wore the most AMAZING WEDDING GOWN when you said "I DO." You had searched long and hard for the most perfect gown, wore it, and now want to make sure it stays safe until you one day can maybe pass it along to one of your daughters.
Here are some great tips on preserving your wedding gown:
1. Find a cleaners who specializes in wedding gown preservation. Make sure to check that they use another solvent besides the standard kind because it would be to harsh to keep your gown together.
2. Ask the cleaners if you can see your dress after it is cleaned prior to them packing it up. You want to make sure all the stains came out and it was cleaned properly.
3. Make sure your gown is stuffed with acid-free tissue. This acid-free tissue should be placed between the layers of your dress and stuffed in the bodice to ensure no permanent wrinkles.
Vendors specializing in cleaning and packaging wedding gowns:
1500 Beville Road, Daytona Beach, FL
1519 Penman Road, Jacksonville Beach, FL
ORLANDO-Bridal Gown Preservations
3588 Avalon Park Blvd E, Orlando, FL