Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome Stephanie

This is a little overdue but Jen and I are so excited to welcome Stephanie Smith officially as a planner to the celebrate! team. Some of you probably already know Stephanie as my hard working assistant, but now she has moved up to one of our elite planners at celebrate! She has worked numerous weddings with us and has proved to be an exceptional planner, organizer, and event designer. We feel so blessed to have Stephanie on our team.

Here's her very first inspiration board, don't you just love it!!!

Wedding Flowers

While picking out your wedding flowers, it might be nice to know the symbolic meaning behind each flower that you choose. A neat idea is to select a flower whose meaning matches your bridesmaid's personality. You could give each bridesmaid a different signature flower to make her bouquet more individual and special, with a note explaining what that particular flower means.

Here are some example:

Amaranthus: constancy and fidelity
Amaryllis: pride, pastoral beauty
Chrysanthemum: happiness and long life
Chrysanthemum (white): truth
Chrysanthemum (yellow): secret admirer
Chrysanthemum (red): love
Daffodil: respect, good fortune, chivalry
Daisy: innocence, loyal love, purity
Forget-Me-Not: faithful love and memory
Iris: faith and wisdom
Ivy: affection
Lilac: first love
Lily: purity and sweetness
Orchid: love and beauty
Peony: happiness and prosperity
Rose: love and desire
Tulip: true love
Violet: modesty
Zinnia: thoughts of friends