Friday, July 25, 2008

Canadian Weddings

Wow! I am exhausted. I just got back from a family trip in Canada for a week. I was there for my cousins wedding. Of course I analyzed everything from the pew bows to the design of the cake:) Everything went really well and looked beautiful. I did notice a enormous difference between weddings in Canada vs. weddings in the U.S.

Canadian vendors are very inexpensive. My cousin showed me her budget spreadsheet. They spent a little under $10,000 with over 200 guests, that is just unheard of here! All of the wedding vendors are a fraction of the price than the ones we work with here. Most of the time we tell our brides that the facility for your recpetion and the food are 50% of your budget. This was not the case at my cousins, yet the food was still up to par. The only thing that was more expensive was the bar because their beer and liquor in Canada is almost double the amount in the states.

I was really suprised by this difference but in the end I still have to say all of our wedding vendors that we work with here are truly amazing and worth every penny!