Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Dress Terms: Fabrics

Here are just some of the terminology that is used when it comes to fabrics:

Photo by: Lauren Kinsey Photography

Channeuse - a lightweight, smooth, semilustrous silk or synthetic fabric.

Chiffon - a fabric with a simple weave often of silk or rayon with a soft or stiff finish that is delicately sheer.

Crepe de Chine - a soft, light, thin fabric of silk, rayon, or polyester. Used mostly for informal gowns in fall or winter.

Crinoline - an underskirt foundation used to extend the skirt of the wedding gown.

English Net - a fine, sheer cotton netting; a traditional but expensive fabric used in wedding gowns.
Eyelet - a silk, cotton, or cotton polyester open weave embroidery used mostly for decoration. It has small, round, holes finished at the edges with lace and/or embroidery.

Georgette - a silk or synthetic crepe with a dull texture.

Jersey - a soft, fluid material made of wool, silk, or rayon which usually has a satin or matte finish.

Lace - any open weave fabric used for trim or the entire piece of clothing; see specific kinds of lace.

Photo by: Jen Cody, Egomedia Photography

Linen - made from flax, this fiber has been used for clothing since the dawn of civilization. It is beautiful, durable and elegant, with a natural luster and is used for spring and summer weddings.

Moire - a silk taffeta that, when illuminated, glistens like water.

Organza - a sheer, crisply textured fabric which is almost transparent. It may be embroidered with patterns of flowers having rolled edges that are often lightly colored; it is then called embroidered organza.

Peau de Soie - winter dress material made of blended fabrics that has a light, silky texture and a dull, satin like finish.

Pique - a ribbed fabric known for its distinct texture and made of cotton, rayon, or silk.

Satin - a silk or synthetic material with a smooth, usually shiny, unbroken surface.

Silk - a beautiful, luxurious natural fabric available in a variety of weaves and weights which holds brilliant color. Silk chiffon is sheer and drapes well; silk brocade is stiff and elegant.

Shantung - a rough textured plain weave silk or man made fiber.

Silk Faced Satin - a full bodied satin with an antique sheen.

Photo by: Mary Beth Tyson

Slipper Satin - a lustrous, light, soft, more closely woven satin fabric made primarily of acetate.

Tafleta - a crisp, smooth, glossy fabric with a small crosswise web.

Photo by: Greg's Gallery

Tulle - a fine, sheer net fabric of cotton, nylon, rayon or silk.