Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

So this year my family has of course put the "planner in the family" in charge of everything that has to be done with Thanksgiving from managing the guest list, to the food, to the decor. As if I didn't already have enough planning on my hands. But I love them, so here I am planning the schedule for our wonderful large Italian family Thanksgiving.

My Guest List:
My guest list includes my mom, my sisters and their significant others, my aunts and their families, my grandma, my dearest friends...and pretty much anyone who mom mom bumps into from now to then. (She's Italian and believes no one should spend a holiday alone, after all we "all are family!") So far my list is at about 30 guests!

My Menu:
Turducken (Turkey, Duck, and Chicken all wrapped up in one)
Mashed Potato Bar (includes mashed potatoes with all the the toppings like bacon, cheese, scallions, etc. in bowls surrounding it, so each person can make their own special bowl of mashed potatoes)
String Bean Casserole
Yams (with a Marshmallow Crust)
Arlyn's Famous Cranberry Sauce
The Dessert Bar will include the following:
Pumpkin Pie
Mini Espresso Pumpkin Cakes
Mini Lemon Pies
Red Velvet Cake
Pound Cake

The Decor:
Hues of Cranberry and Gold will dress my guest tables, along with delicate White and Gold Accents.