Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lyndsay and Tim's Engagement Session

Here are some more fabulous photos from Lyndsay and Tim's engagement session with Leah from Leah Jean Photography. The pictures are amazing and Lyndsay and Tim look stunning! We cannot wait for their wedding next April.

Questions to Ask: Cake Baker

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake baker most people think the only questions they need to ask is "how much does it cost," "what flavors does it come in," and "can you create this cake (then you show them a picture of a very detailed cake)?" The reality is that there are numerous questions every bride and groom should ask before signing a contract with a cake baker. Here they are:
  • Do you have a portfolio of past cakes you created that you can show me?

  • Are you going to be designing my cake? If not, can I meet the person who will be designing the cake and see a portfolio of their work?

  • Can we come in for a cake tasting? Can we sample at least 3 different types of cake flavors, fillings, and icings?

  • If we want to you fresh flowers on our wedding cake will you correspond with my florist to make sure you have everything you need to place them on the cake on my wedding day?

  • How long before our wedding will our cake be prepared? (The closer it is baked towards your wedding day, the better it will taste.)

  • Do you have any delivery and/or setup fees?

  • Can you provide me a written proposal outlining the design and costs?