Friday, August 21, 2009

Cute Place Card Idea!

I just love this idea! I think this small detail can really bring a lot of character to your event. These homemade wine cork place card holders can be used to spice up any dinner party or event you are hosting. Also, it's a great idea to be used for themed weddings.

You can make your own place card holders for your event. All you need is enough recycled wine corks for all your place settings, a razor, some cardstock, and a swanky pen for scripting the names. If you want to get super fancy, there's a variation that involves a thin magnet to keep the place cards anchored to the table cloth.

If you're short the necessary corks, it's either time to throw a party, check with a craft or liquor store, or ask all of your girlfriends to save them from their favorite bottles of wine.
Don't you love this idea?