Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Gifts: Parents

Giving your parents the PERFECT gift to thank them for all their love, support, guidance, and help with the wedding can become overwhelming. How can you possibly say thank you enough? Here are some wonderful ideas to say "THANKS!"

A picture frame with a picture from your engagement photo shoot, wedding date, and names.

A gift basket full of your parents' favorite snacks.

CD/DVD Leather Case or Wooden Case. Place a homemade CD of the songs played at your wedding (ex. Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, First Dance, Cake Cutting Song).

Wedding Gifts

This week is all about showing thanks to all the people involved in creating the beautiful masterpiece called your wedding day. Remember to thank everyone from your bridal party to your parents to your guests to your wedding day vendors. We will give you some great ideas to say THANK YOU!

Wedding Website

A great way to keep your wedding guests involved and excited about your BIG DAY, is to create a wedding website for them to visit. You can include information about your wedding day (time, date, location), lodging accommodations for your guest, engagement photos, and up to the date information that you think your readers might just love to hear about. These days there are so many amazing websites to help you create a spectacular website just for you.

Here is a great site for you to start crafting your beautiful and informative wedding website, I just love this site because they have great backgrounds to match your wedding colors, you can upload photos, your website can have a playlist of your favorite songs, and it is so easy to use.