Sunday, July 27, 2008

How much should a wedding dress cost?

Isn't this dress beautiful? It was truly gorgeous on this bride.
I bet that you can't guess how much it cost...

If you take the time to look for a bargain, they are out there. You do not necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars to own the fairytale dress you have always envisioned for your wedding day. Patience is truly a virtue when searching for the right dress. Do not buy the first dress you try on, or even the tenth dress if it does not make you comfortable or will break your piggy bank.
Steph (in the picture on the right) took the time to find a wedding dress that she liked but also was not going to make her and her fiance, Lance, go over their budget for their wedding. Steph bought this dress at a very inexpensive price but yet the dress still makes her look like she is a princess in her very own fairytale.
Don't be in a rush, take the time to find the perfect dress for you!