Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Essentials


"Wedding Essentials" is a TV show designed to take local brides and their families and friends through the entire wedding planning process. Interviews with service providers as well as timely product information will be a main focus of each episode. Other segments included on each show include:

"Trends and Traditions" which gives viewers historical information of wedding nuances.

"Ask the Consultant" where our experienced wedding planners answer questions from viewers.

The pilot has been filmed for "Wedding Essentials - Central Florida Edition," featuring as the Lead Host: Professional Wedding Planner Marcy Rodriquez of Ormond Beach, accompanied by Certified Wedding Planners: Jenna Jones, also of Ormond Beach and Kerline Docteur of Orange Park as her co-hosts...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rachel and Tyler

Jen and I had such an amazing time coordinating Rachel and Tyler's breathtaking July wedding a couple weekends ago. The entire day and night was filled with so much love, happiness, and pure joy. The beautiful couple was married at the Mori Hosseini Center on the Daytona State College campus and was followed by a fun-filled reception at the ICI Center on the Embry Riddle Campus. It was amazing to see how Rachel and her mom, Vicki, transformed the ICI Center into an amazing black, white, and silver affair.
Thank you, Rachel and Tyler, for letting celebrate!LLC be part of your special day. We wish you the best.

A speical thanks to Rachel and Tyler's wedding vendors:
Planners: celebrate!LLC, Jen and Jenna
Ceremony Site: Mori Hosseini Center, Lynn Johnson
Reception Site: ICI Center
Caterer: Sodexo
Photographer: Jessica Lorren Photography
Videographer: Creative Wedding Resources
Florals: Simply Roses Florist, Ashlee Nolan
Cake: Paradise Cheesecakes
Reception Entertainment: 5th Avenue (Band)
Transportation: Crown Limos

Photos by:

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Wedding Colors for Summer!!

Looking for the perfect colors to enhance your wedding day? Do you know what the newest, brightest "IN" wedding colors are for this summer? Tired of guessing??

A vibrant mixture of Pewter, Blush, Scarlet and Saffron!!! Basically an array of shades of pinks and reds mixed with a bright yellow and a more subtle color, pewter. The mix of the brighther colors keeps it summery and fun. Once you add the color pewter to the color scheme, the event is broughy to a more classy and upscale level.

The colors are beauitful together and add lots of depth to your design. Check out this color board that demonstrates how well these color all blend. Don't you just love it?!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Post-Wedding Thank You Notes

As your wedding day comes to a close, your life starts to get back into order. As you get back on track at work, get all of your errands ran that haven't been done in months, clean up your house and organize all of your wedding odds and ends, you can finally take a breather! As your life slows down, don't forget about all of your friends and family members that helped make your wedding happen as well as the ones that gave you a wonderful gift on your wedding day. Although, many think thank you cards are a thing of the past, they are by far the most endearing way to express how grateful you are for everyone that was involved in the process.

A few things to remember when writing your thank you cards:

1. Always personally write your thank you cards. It always mean so much more and comes from the heart when you hand write a thank you.

2. Make it a TEAM effort. You are married and your wedding day was a day of unity to bring you together as a family. Share the tasks of writing your thank-you cards and allow both yourself and your husband to put some thought into them.

3. If you like the gift, express that you will treasure or use it for years to come.

4. If you don't like the gift, express how "thoughtful" it was for them to

5. If you received money, let them know what your goal is with the money you recieved on your wedding day, whether it be towards a new house or a project you will be working on.

Most importantly, write from your heart. Let everyone know how happy you are and how important is what for you to have them all there to celebrate your special day!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dramatic Wedding Shoes

Just like every other girl in the world, I LOVE SHOES!!! I can never have enough shoes, there is always a reason to buy a shoe..."for work," "to wear with my skinny jeans," "for girls night out," "to make my co-worker jealous," "don't have this shade of black yet..." oh the excuses us girls can come up with.

Shoes are a fabulous way to add a fun accent to your wedding attire. Here are some of my favorite "not-ordinary" wedding shoes:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Funky Cake Toppers

I love wedding cake, even after all my years in the business devouring numerous slices of chocolate, vanilla, almond, raspberry, etc. cakes I still enjoy every single bite of a delicious slice of wedding cake. We all know cake bakers are amazing and can come up with over-top designs to set your wedding cake apart from all others. But what if you still want more....add an amazing component to your wedding cake by choosing a funky cake topper. Check these ones out:
Get these snazzy birds at:
Get these funky colored, designed monogram at:
Get a clay figure that looks just like you at:
Get these fun photo topper at: Fairytale Weddings