Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding Toast's

Every wedding includes a toast. The intentions of a wedding day toast is to congratulate the bride & groom and most importantly focus on the couple. We have all heard a toast at a wedding that just carries on & on with no end, really making no sense at all. Hopefully this will help prevent any unnecessary, dreaded toasts.

A few helpful tips:

1. Do introduce yourself to the crowd. This will make the speech more personal & intimate.
2. Do plan in advance to give a speech, an impromptu toast usually doesn't go very smoothly at
a wedding.
3. Do point out positive qualities about the bride & groom as a couple.
4. Do put some humor into the toast, a little laughter never killed anyone!
5. Do make is short & sweet. People tend to get bored after a few minutes.

**Most importantly....Don't get completely smashed before giving a toast at a wedding. No one wants to hear you ramble on & slur your words.