Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bridal Show Ideas ???

celebrate! is going to be hosting a bridal show next month with Lorraine at LPGA. We are so excited for this fabulous event to take place!! We are debating on the color scheme and design of the room. I would love to hear any ideas of yours and what brides think they could benefit from most. Do you think we should go with a Fall/Winter theme or Spring/Summer??

Let us know your ideas!!! :)

Month-by-Month Checklist: After the Wedding

Your wedding day was magical and everything was perfection. Now you are trying to remember what you need to do next, here is a helpful list.

After the Wedding!!!!:
□ Send thank-you telegrams to both sets of parents and/or wedding host
□ Mail wedding announcements □ Send out change of address cards
□ Change legal documents (name changes, draw will, beneficiary, etc.)
□ Complete gift acknowledgments
□ Mail any thank you gifts, tips, or notes of appreciation to your wedding vendors