Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you letter from Shanna & Grant

Dear Jen and Jenna,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for all of your hard work on our wedding day. Grant and I never could have made it through the day without your help! There is one specific moment that I can clearly remember as my dad was waiting to walk me down the aisle. He looked at my mother and I and said, "Thank God we hired wedding planners! We never would have been able to pull this off without them." And it was so true. Everything from start to finish went smoothly and just as I had imagined it. Thank you guys so much for everything, you're both awesome! We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. It was the greatest way to start our new lives together!

With much thanks,
Shanna & Grant Karcher XOXOXOXOXOXOXO