Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Guests' Needs

While reading through one of the old bridal magazines laying around my office I came across this great article about wedding guests' needs in Brides Florida. I loved the article so much, I wanted to share part of it with you to help you to be considerate of your guests' needs:

"DRINK: Keep the bar free, stocked, and open. Enough said.

FOOD: Have "normal" food available for those who don't share your love of smoked eel tartare. Also make sure to have options for vegetarians and those with food restrictions. If you want to include some "out there" food choices, do it during the cocktail hour.

PRIVACY: Always check the capacity and condition of your site's bathrooms. If you're renting portable restrooms, spring for the "upscale" models (your guests don't need a Lollapalooza flashback).

SAFETY: If you're hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception, you need to protect guests from the elements. Stock up on bug spray and sunscreen, serve chilled drinks if it's hot, hand out inexpensive wraps if it's chilly, or supple umbrellas for the rain. Use nonmetal chairs and sun shields if it's sunny. And get a sound system with microphones so everyone can hear your vows over the wind. As for post-wedding safety, have a list of local car services for guests who've been hitting the bottle too hard.

FAMILY: If you're inviting children, have a plan to keep them entertained so that they-and the adults around them-can enjoy the party. If your wedding is kid-free, have a list of reputable babysitters to offer parents. Your oldest guests have special needs, too. Schedule traditional wedding events like the first dance and cake-cutting early; make sure there are seats during cocktails, and seat these folds far enough away from the music speakers but close enough to feel a part of the festivities..."

This article was fantastic and really will make you consider all types of things for your guests. Brides Florida does an amazing magazine and I highly suggest you pick it up when you pass it at the grocery store.