Friday, July 10, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses

Since I have two wedding coming up in 2010 that I will be a bridesmaid in I have been looking at a ton of bridesmaids dresses lately. Here are some of my most favorite cuts that hopefully will inspire you when you are dressing your wedding party:

J Crew

David's Bridal

Eden Bridal

Tips for Choosing Great Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • Make sure that the dress comes in a variety of sizes to fit all your Bridesmaids
  • Invite your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids to give their feedback on a few different dresses selections
  • Make sure for your wedding party tries on their dresses prior to purchase to make sure there is ease of movement and everyone feels comfortable with the size and style
  • Coordinate the color of the dresses with your wedding theme

Questions to Ask: Videographer

Choosing a videographer to capture all your moments on film is an important part of your wedding planning. Make sure to ask lots of questions to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting. Here is a list of some critical questions you should ask:

  • What does the video package include (Single camera or Multi-camera , Montage of stills or slow motion scenes, Titles, Narration, Background music, Close-up shots, Interviews with family, wedding party, guests)?

  • What style of video you prefer? Video to have a classic, story-telling approach, similar to television programs such as A&E's "Biography" or a fast-paced, highly-stylized "MTV" look?

  • How many DVD's come with the package? What is the cost for extra DVD's?

  • How is the DVD packaged professionally? Does it have a case, album, printed labels?

  • How many hours does the price include?

  • Does the videographer maintain the original videotape? If so, how long?

  • What kind of camera equipment will be used? Is it consumer or commercial quality equipment?

  • What is the format? Is it 3 CCD digital, High Definition? 1/3-Inch 3-CCD Widescreen?

  • Is the person who is showing you the videos the same person who will be shooting your wedding or at least the person involved in how the videography will be taped at the wedding and how it will be edited?